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An urban regeneration project offering an alternative future for the city. After the success of the first two residential projects, Puro and Anilla, comes Zenit: 34 new apartments with a refined design, set in a monumental 1930s building, at the gates of the former factory.

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Exclusive outdoor areas

Panoramic rooftop gardens, shady terraces and gardens: private and relaxing spaces, designed down to the smallest details, combine with the interiors to form an intimate blending of home and nature.

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Simplicity and tradition


David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung make up Quinconces-Dragò, an architecture and design studio in Milan; drawing on their international experience, in Zenit they create a cosmopolitan blend of tradition and creativity in an essential and timeless aesthetic dimension.


The Manifattura Tabacchi entranceway

Built in 1938, the building features a rationalist style entranceway, decorated with original bas-reliefs. A legacy that is reflected in the name of the project, "Zenit", one of the cigarette brands originally produced in the Manifattura Tabacchi, with a symbolic meaning that represents and perpetuates the authentic spirit of the place.

The project

Zenit: iconic living

The legacy of the monumental historic building, the best-known part of the Manifattura Tabacchi, is embraced and enhanced in the design of the collection of new apartments with a minimal and homely appeal, against the backdrop of the charming city of Florence.

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Designer interiors

Two moods of finishes and materials to personalise your spaces: soft and cosy or strong and decisive colours, iconic elements of the industrial heritage plus the security of great names in Italian design, to create the perfect balance between modernity and history.

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Minimalist and refined style

The excellence of Made-in-Italy products for a home combining style, comfort and quality.

Operating in Italy since 1950, with particular attention paid to research and the quality of the raw materials, offering a vast selection of fine woods, in a creative union between art, architecture and design.

One of the best-known brands in the ceramic cladding sector, recognised as synonymous with quality for floors and claddings and an icon of the best of Made-in-Italy in interior design.

Research and innovation are the strong points of Cebos Color which, with its selection of material texture finishes, can meet a vast range of decorative preferences to redefine spaces, enhancing their shapes and colours.

Grits and cement tiles with classic elegance characterize the spaces, proof of the virtuosity of timeless craftsmanship.

Tradition and modernity come together in the designer ceramic collection of the Flaminia company, in their continuous search for innovative stylistic solutions.

Vimar adapts living spaces to meet all the needs of daily living, through quality materials and advanced functionality, with perfect, discreet and light trim on all the walls.


Choose your ideal home

From compact and functional duplexes to light, single-level apartments, from contemporary lofts with garden loggia to large, two-room apartments with panoramic terraces: discover all the available units.


with loggia garden

Two-bedroom apartment

with panoramic Rooftop Garden

Three-bedroom apartment

with terrace view on factory

Two-bedroom apartment

with panoramic Rooftop Garden

Three-bedroom apartment

with terrace view on factory